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ecoBAK reduces Nitrate from 160ppm to 5ppm at LFS

Aquarium City in Canoga Park, CA is an iconic Tropical Fish Store that has been in business since 1967. Aquarium City has a retail cube system to hold and display small fish for sale. Heavily stocked retail holding systems are particularly susceptible to a build up of Nitrate and other organic compounds. The system typically holds hundreds of fish that require frequent feeding to thrive. The cube system eventually reached a high of 160ppm of Nitrates. The staff at Aquarium City decided to run ecoBAK ULNS Pellets in a fluidized reactor to clear up the system. The ecoBAK runs in…


Tank of the month

Warner Marine would like to congratulate Michael Panganaban (Soliteude127) for his selection as Reef Central/Reef Keeping Magazine “Tank of the Month“. Michael’s aquarium is healthy and colorful and relies on ecoBAK for low nutrient levels and clean water.


The Warner Marine Research Philosophy

The oceans reefs are a beautiful collection of water, marine life and most of the earths known elements. The ocean is a perfect ecosystem, capable of infinite growth, creation and re-creation of billions of life forms. The ocean has long fascinated aquarists around the world; the desire to contain this beauty in the home is nearly obsessive. For many years the home aquarium exclusively displayed freshwater fish and plants similar to those found in tropical and sub-tropical lakes and rivers. There were many early attempts to keep marine fish and even living corals, but these attempts invariably led to failure….

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