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  • Description
    • Truly “Ionically Balanced” Formulation.
    • High Performance, raises Calcium and Alkalinity levels quickly and safely.
    • Essential for growth of corals, coralline algae, clams and invertebrates.
    • Produced from ultra-pure high quality raw material including ACS and USP Grades.
    • Contains no organic contaminants or additives.
    • Proven Performer since 1996. Trusted by Professionals and Advanced hobbyists.


Warner Marine C-MAX is a 2-Part Calcium and Alkalinity Supplement that adds both Calcium and Carbonate Alkalinity with major and minor elements by adding equal amounts of Part A and B.

C-MAX will maintain Calcium and buffer levels and end Calcium/Alkalinity instability.

Crucially, C-MAX will not disrupt ionic balance and will replenish salts lost due to protein skimming. Some aquariums may experience a slight increase in salinity which can be easily corrected by removing a small amount of aquarium water and replacing with purified fresh water.

Warner Marine C-MAX Part A is the Calcium based component of the C-MAX 2 Part system. C-MAX Part A should be used with C-MAX Part B for a balanced Calcium/Alkalinity supplement. In addition, C-MAX Part A may be used alone to boost Calcium levels to correct a Calcium/Alkalinity imbalance before using both parts simultaneously.




Dose equal amounts of C-MAX Parts A and B separately into an area of strong water movement or the sump area. Rinse measuring cup between use of Parts A and B. Add 5ml (1 teaspoon) of Parts A and B separately per 25 gallons of aquarium water three times per week. Calcium should be maintained between 400-450ppm. Adjust dosage of Parts A and B respectively to maintain this parameter.

Contains: Ultra-Pure 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis/Deionized water, Calcium Chloride and an ionically balanced blend of inorganic salts.

Sizes Available
Single Pack:
  • 16oz
  • 1 Gallon

Dual Pack:
  • 32oz (2 x 16oz)
  • 64oz (2 x 32oz)
  • 2 Gallon (2 x 1 Gallon)

E-mail: support@warnermarine.com

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