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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our products. Please review these questions and answers:

My Calcium and Alkalinity are completely out of balance and at the wrong levels, what do I do?
  • The first step is to test your water to determine your current Calcium and Alkalinity levels. To correct Calcium add ReefPure Concentrated Calcium Supplement 3-5 times per week at the dosage listed on the bottle. Test weekly and continue until Calcium levels are 400-450ppm. For Alkalinity add ReefPure Marine pH Buffer or KH Buffer 3-5 times per week until the Alkalinity is 3.0-5.0 meq/l or 8.4-14dKH.
What is the white cloud that appears when I add C-MAX Part 'B' to my aquarium?
  • C-MAX Part “B” is the high pH Alkalinity part of the C-MAX 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity System. Upon contact with saltwater a small amount of Magnesium and Calcium will temporarily precipitate causing a white cloud in the water. This is harmless and will clear again rapidly. To lessen this effect, add C-MAX Part “B” into the sump or anywhere with strong water flow and add C-MAX Part “A” into a different area of the aquarium several minutes later.
My C-MAX 2 Part Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer came nearly empty with a solid block of chemical in the bottom of the jug with only a little liquid. Is it OK to use?
  • C-MAX 2 Part Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer in the 2 x 1 Gallon and 2 x 5 Gallon sizes is shipped as a concentrate. The end user must add purified fresh water to the jug to the top and mix well to prepare the solution for use. The Part “A” will mix rapidly but the Part “B” may take overnight to dissolve completely as it is quite concentrated.
How is C-MAX 2 part Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer different than 'do it yourself' two part solutions?
  • C-MAX 2 Pt. Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer is clearly superior to the “DIY” two part

    1. The quality of the raw materials in the “DIY formula” is questionable. C-MAX 2 Pt. Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer is made with the finest raw materials.
    2. “DIY formula” two part solutions contain NO essential Trace Elements. C-MAX contains all important Trace Elements including Magnesium, Strontium and Iodide.
    3. C-MAX 2 Pt Calcium/Alkalinity is a superior formulation with better pH stability and more consistent Alkalinity.
    4. Proven results. C-MAX has been proven by more than 10 years of use around the world in the world’s greatest reef aquariums.
My Calcium level is low but my Alkalinity is OK. I keep adding C-MAX 2 Pt.
Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer but my Calcium just won't go up.
  • It is crucial to bring your Calcium and Alkalinity to “balanced” levels before using C-MAX 2 Pt. Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer. If the Calcium is low, add ReefPure Concentrated Calcium to raise the Calcium independently of the Alkalinity. Once the Calcium and Alkalinity are “balanced”, dose the aquarium as directed. Optimum levels are 450ppm Calcium and 4.0 meq/l Alkalinity. If the levels are “balanced” but low, like 350ppm Calcium and 3.2 meq/l Alkalinity you should dose C-MAX as directed. But levels must be “balanced” FIRST before dosing with C-MAX 2 Pt. Calcium/Alkalinity Buffer. Calcium can be raised independently with ReefPure Concentrated Calcium and Alkalinity can be raised independently with ReefPure KH Buffer.
What's the difference between PHOSaR and the new PHOSaR HC?
  • PHOSaR HC is a new unique Phosphate Removing media that offers several advantages over competing products. PHOSaR HC is dense, durable and has a very high capacity for Phosphates, Arsenic and Silicates. PHOSaR HC is a granulated media that works BEST in a reactor or canister. PHOSaR HC has been tested to last in excess of 10 weeks in an aquarium with


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