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You Need The Right Tools


ecoBAK is a unique and novel biodegradable polymer that serves as both a food and substrate for specific strains of bacteria that remove Phosphate and Nitrogenous compounds from aquarium water. The simple version of how it works? Basically the ecoBAK is a unique organic Carbon food source that just happens to be the preferred food source for several strains of bacteria that facilitate the removal of Phosphates and Nitrates. As the bacteria consumes the biodegradable polymer, it also simultaneously consumes Phosphate and Nitrate.

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Amino Acids

ReefPure Ultimate Aminos Supplement provides essential Amino Acids for the growth of hard corals including SPS and LPS corals. Amino acids are used in the calcification process to build coral skeleton and are equally important as Calcium and Carbonates. In addition, Amino Acids serve as an energy source for corals and beneficial bacteria. ReefPure Ultimate Aminos Supplement is a comprehensive blend of essential Amino Acids as found in coral skeletons and includes proteins vital for calcification and tissue coloration.

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Calcium and Alkalinity are critical for the formation of a variety of structures, including the skeletons and shells of many corals, clams, algaes and other organisms. If Calcium and Alkalinity are not added to the reef aquarium, the levels will drop until calcification ceases. Calcification is the process by which organisms utilize the Calcium and Alkalinity in the water to build their own structure and stay healthy. A large population of corals with intense lighting, pure water and sufficient water flow will consume vast amounts of Calcium, Alkalinity and trace elements. Therefore Calcium, Akalinity and trace elements must be added frequently and consistently to maintain levels sufficient for coral growth.

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Trace [Hard Coral]

Trace [HARD CORAL] provides a comprehensive blend of essential Trace Elements specifically for the growth and coloration of hard corals including Acropora, Montipora, Echinophyllia, Acanthastrea and other reef aquarium inhabitants. Detailed research has shown that many Trace Elements are rapidly depleted by hard corals. Warner Marine Trace [HARD CORAL] is an extremely bio-available blend of Trace Elements and will rapidly restore correct water chemistry. Unlike competing products, Warner Marine Trace [HARD CORAL] will not cause undesirable algae growth when used properly. Warner Marine Trace [HARD CORAL] contains no Ammonia, Phosphates, Silicates, preservatives, chelating agents or dyes.

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